III Kingdoms 19:11-12

"Behold, the Lord will pass by, and before the Lord, a great and powerful wind will be rending the mountains and shattering the rocks; but the Lord will not be in the wind. After the wind, an earthquake, but the Lord will not be in the earthquake. After the earthquake, there will be a fire, but the Lord will not be in the fire. After the fire, there will be a sound of a gentle breeze, and the Lord will be there."

Thursday, April 21, 2011

While the stone was sealed by the Jews and the soldiers were guarding Thy most pure body, Thou didst arise on the Third Day, O Saviour, granting life to the world.
For which cause the heavenly powers cried aloud unto Thee, O Giver of Life; Glory to Thy resurrection, O Christ; glory to Thy kingdom; glory to Thy providence, O thou Who alone art the Lover of mankind

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